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Douglas A. Perkins, B.Sc., FGAC.
Position: Senior Vice-President, Exploration

A 1979 University of British Columbia geology graduate, Mr. Perkins has served on public company boards for over 25 years involving the promotion and representation of their geological properties. He has been involved in several start-ups of both public and private companies not only geological but manufacturing, wholesale and developmental industries.

From an exploration standpoint, Mr. Perkins worked on the Gataga Trend for Cyprus Anvil, where several multi-million ton deposits were discovered. He also worked for UTAH, UMEX, Cominco and oversaw Freeport/Stryker's exploration project in northern B.C.& near the Windy Craggy deposit.

Mr. Perkins had tropical experience in 1988 - 89 in the jungle of the Darien Gap in Panama. For the last three years he has been running regional projects in Peru for private companies, one of which is upriver of the headwaters of the Amazon.